14 — 15 September 2017, Mumbai

Conference agenda

Pharmasafe India third edition

Day 1: 14 September 2017

Inaugural Session: Pharmaceutical counterfeiting: An overview

  • Counterfeiting issues in the Indian marketplace
  • National drug survey report: Key findings

Session 2: Business leaders round table

  • Countering pharmaceutical counterfeiting through collective action

Session 3: Pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting: Discover the latest

  • Solutions for pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting – capsules/tablets
  • Pharma serialisation: Sustainable solutions
  • Combating drug counterfeiting using mobile and web technologies
  • Special address by World Health Organization 

Session 4: Pharmaceutical counterfeiting - Legal and law enforcement  

  • Case study: How to conduct raids, evidence packages and legal prosecutions
  • Pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting investigations
  • Parallel trade and pharmaceutical counterfeiting

Day 2: 15 September 2017

Session 5: Pharmaceutical packaging: Secure and sustainable solutions

  • Packaging authentication solutions
  • Panel discussion on achieving cost effective anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions

Session 6: Pharma Safety: Supply chain and distribution

  • Drugs authentication and verification application (DAVA) portal: Project status
  • Pharma supply and distribution: Secure solutions
  • Case study presentation on successful business models in pharma supply and distribution
  • Future of pharma safety: Role of e-commerce