14 — 15 September 2017, Mumbai

Welcome to Pharmasafe India 2017

Conference on anti-counterfeiting & brand protection


As the Indian pharmaceutical industry, growing at an annual CAGR of around 15% is constantly evolving and investing in R&D to become an ever more formidable player globally, counterfeiting remains an ever increasing challenge.

Pharmaceutical counterfeiting is multi-billion-dollar enterprise globally resulting in huge revenue loss to pharma companies, while at the same time posing grave health risks to the patient which diminishes confidence in the brand, estimated 1 out of 5 drugs sold in India and in the developing world are counterfeit is itself a wakeup call.

The third annual edition of pharmasafe India will bring together over 150 delegates and speakers representing cross-section of stakeholders – business leaders from top pharmaceutical companies, eminent experts in anti-counterfeiting technology, government & regulatory authorities, customs, investigators, legal experts, consultants and leading industry bodies to share a common platform for discussions, exchange of valuable insights, best practices, domestic and global trends and challenges as well as strategies to tackle the counterfeiting challenge.